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My two others sites:

where you can discover another facet of my collection of roadmaps Michelin (in french)

the discovery of routes distributed by Michelin in France between 1908 and 1940 (in french)

Association des Collectionneurs Michelin

Association gathering the collectors Michelin (Maps, guides, objects, toy cars, etc.).

Route Nostalgie.

The first magazine on the environment of the yesterday car: Stations-services, advertising, signalling, accesories, roadmaps, etc.
Writed by amateurs, it is illustrated by many original documents

Come to discover the roadmaps of the whole world, an impressive gallery of more than 1000 images
Roadmaps of the whole world, carried out by the oil companies

Panneaux Michelin

Since the Thirties Michelin manufactured road traffic signs in enamelled lava. Some are still present at the edge of our roads.
Come find these relics of the past ...