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Some aspects of old Michelin maps

On some pages of this site,I suggest you to discover some aspects of roadmaps proposed by Michelin since one century.

You will discover the evolution of the covers, which will enable you to locate a map in time only with at its aspect. You will also find how to date them with precision, and follow the evolution of the drawings of the map and the different signs which enrich it. These maps used in the promotion of tires, the main activity of Michelin, you can discover or rediscover the fun advertisements on the back of these maps until the fifties. Don't miss the page dedicated to the foreign maps, with various design, or in some other remarkable by their features, or some pages that I dedicated to Michelin maps acting as promotional support, or as working tool with different companies or communities. And if you collect Michelin maps, or simply road maps, be sure to browse my double list or my search.